MarketTech, Inc. provides small and mid-sized businesses with the tools they need to suceed. Every business runs into similar problems at some point in time and they end up asking the same questions.

  How can we increase sales?
How can we find the right people?
How can we be more efficient?

At MarketTech, Inc we are here not only to help you answer these questions, but also to help you implement the solutions, find the people, and increase your bottom line. We are not just another consulting firm that tells you what to do then leaves you floundering to do it. We are your business partner. We are the “Go To” tool you keep close at hand, that many small and mid-sized companies have come to rely on when it comes to marketing, sales, and the Internet. Spend time at what you do best, running your company. Use the tools we offer to take care of the rest.

MarketTech applies a proven approach known as C.L.A.I.M.™ - Closed Loop And Integrated Management which combines industry leading software, customized applications, personalized training and streamlined processes. This program is available on a shoestring budget and assures MEASURABLE and REPEATABLE success!

Pioneer Bank & Trust
The president of Pioneer Bank & Trust Company was looking to update his banks image and provide customers with the information they most needed. Their number two priority was the ability to manage that information themselves to so that the website could be updated quickly and without ridiculous expense everytime a CD rate changed.

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